Timeline of a Film Opening


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Props and Costumes


Many slashers have similar props. For example, there is a murder weapon, usually a knife. In Scream and Halloween, my two examples, both of the killers use knives to kill their victims. In Scream, the killer uses a small knife, while in halloween, the killer uses a bigger, kitchen knife.

Another prop I will be using is fake blood on my victims chest, the killers knife and wherever it should be (e.g on the floor, where the victim traces it etc.) Fake blood is used in many slasher openings, and is used in almost every slasher film, especially if someone gets stabbed, like they are in my opening. For example, in Scream the victim is covered in fake blood.

In one of the slashers I have shown as an example, Scream, the killer is dressed in all black, with a mask covering his face. In my opening, my actor will be wearing black from head to toe. Specifically, he will be wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black over coat.

In both of my examples, the killers face is covered by a mask, with their eyes especially blacked out. This de-humanises the killer giving it more of a supernatural feeling, which is more terrifying. In my second example, Halloween, the killer is in more natural clothes, wearing a jumpsuit with the collar up.

In my opening, my killer is wearing all black, which is common in this genre of film, for example the killer in Scream, where he wears a black cloak, similar to my killer, who wears all black with a black hoodie-type thing.

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These examples of houses from the opening pf famous slashers shows a dark atmosphere in a homely place. Both of these examples show a relatively large house with multiple floors, with lights on inside. My location is similar to these examples from Halloween and Scream which are examples of famous slashers. ‘Scream’ has a large garden where the killer chases his first victim, and my location also has a large back garden where the victim will be killed.

In this example screenshot from Scream, you can see how there are many windows and glass panels throughout the house. My location also has these panels for example the glass door near the couch where there the victim will be sitting watching the television. Outside of the glass doors is the back garden where the victim will be chased.

Comparing my film to other famous slasher openings like Halloween and Scream, you will notice that both of these examples I have listed all have houses similar to the one I used in my opening. Also, my movie takes place in the dark, which is a common convention for movies of this type.

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Two people are in my slasher opening, the victim and the killer. Traditionally, there are usually only two characters in a slasher. For example in Scream, there is the killer and the victim, with the exception of the victims parents at the end only for a moment.

In most cases, the victim is usually around 16-19, melodramatic and not physically strong. For example Scream has a young Drew Barrymore who fits the character well. My actor is a 16 year old male, who is a good actor and therefore can portray my stereotype well even without fitting it perfectly.

He fits the role well and is a skilled actor so he will portray the character of the first victim well. He is able to accurately portray a range of fearful emotions well, which will be need for moments like his characters death.

My other actor is the killer, who is usually portrayed as a mysterious figure who you rarely see their face. The actor playing the killer would simply just have to act shady, mysterious while in costume which shouldn’t be challenging for my actor, who has not had an experience in acting.

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I can compare my actors to that of pre-existing actors in horror/slashers, for example Drew Barrymore’s character in “Scream” as they are both young, small and quite weak relating to a teenage girl. Drew is a stereotypical victim of a slasher, and even though there is the obvious gender difference between my actor and this example, the way my actor portrays his character is similar to that of Drew’s character in ‘Scream’. images